Welcome! This website is under construction, so in the meantime you can watch my latest Reel (up), a selection of jobs as a Filmmaker and Director for clients like Casa Seat or Ajuntament de Barcelona,  as well as for fashion films, making of and cultural events.
Or you can scroll down to see some photography commisioned and personal projects. 

If you are interested on seeing more film and photo projects, I invite you to visit my Vimeo and Instagram profiles. 

About me.

Hi! I am Joaco, a versatile filmmaker and professional photographer based in Barcelona. For the past 10 years I’ve been working on visual narratives to tell stories that empowers and gives recognition to their protagonists.

As a Filmmaker, I wrote and directed more than 15 social participative short films in the last couple of years. I produce and direct crews to make video content for brands, institutions, NGO’s and cultural events. I usually collaborate with agencies and production companies adapting myself to their needs.

As a photographer, I specialize in portraits, still photography and documentary and I am always thinking in new techniques and approaches for my personal projects.

For commissions, project proposals or just sharing ideas over a coffee, write me down to: joacobarcala@gmail.com